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Ul-certified-lighting, our beautifully handcrafted lighting fixtures are all labeled with ul certification as of early 2018, ensuring you the guarantee of our commitment in making only the best for our customers.. For pointers on how to install ul certified lighting fixtures, we turned to gabby’s own lead lighting designer, jill harlan. obviously we love her sense of style, but we also know she is a total pro when it comes to making a design work from every angle, including safety. here are her top tips for installing ul certified lighting., in fact, many larger manufacturers have invested millions in dedicated compliance engineering and laboratory facilities in-house to ensure the process goes smoothly for them. … continue reading "5 ways to make ul lighting certification easier".

Diese bietet insbesondere für anwendungen im amerikanischen markt neue möglichkeiten mit der l-serie zu arbeiten. details dazu können bei jeder lichteinheit unter dem link „l-series appendix for ul-certified lighting units“ erfasst werden., custom wine barrel decor handcrafted in california from local retired grapevines. 1 of a kind artwork built with recycled antique wine barrels. sustainable raw materials from central coast wineries. hand made tables, furniture, jewelry, kitchen, pet beds, ul certified lights and signs. large projects, vineyard decor..

2 for more information email lightingconversions@ul.com or call +1.877-854-3577 take advantage of the strength of the ul brand choosing to work with ul communicates to your customers your commitment to the highest levels of quality and safety and, 【ul certified】 lighting safety is just as important as efficiency. this 900w light as a whole is ul certified. it meets ul rigorous testings and safety standards to ensure safe operation. fire-resistant reflectors strengthens the light penetration, no danger! viparspectra is a trusted brand in the lighting industry by providing the best ....

At hitlights we aim to inspire and develop new ways of utilizing led strip lighting technology. specializing in superior quality ul certified lighting products, fast turnaround times, and a vast range of customization lighting components provided by our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly team of led experts., this explicitly supports customers who are active in the us market, so further options are possible while using the l-series. details can be looked up at each section of the l-series lighting units „l-series appendix for ul-certified lighting units“.. Ul product iq features an intuitive and user-friendly design that gives users free access to all certification information. ul product iq empowers you to work more efficiently by quickly finding the exact content you need.